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Crossing time zones - What is jet lag and can you avoid it?Traversing time zones is especially risky for people who need to perform at their peak on arrival to conduct business negotiations or for musicians, and athletes because of jet lag. However, there are ways to lessen the effects. 4 Oct 2018 Read more

Are airlines 'schedule padding' to avoid delays?Are the demands of customers putting so much pressure on an airline's performance that they are being forced to lie to us to keep passengers placated? 7 Sep 2018 Read more

UK airports are developing tech to ease the liquid banThe days of decanting your shampoo and conditioner into 100ml bottles to be able to board an international flight may be coming to an end. Several international airports are trialling a new scanning system that can detect explosives in hand luggage, which would remove the need to carry smaller quantities. 7 Aug 2018 Read more

The time for South Africans to book a ski holiday is now!The 2018 Winter Olympics was a solitary affair for South African representative, Connor Wilson. Not having the climate for winter sports, entrants from tropical climates tend to become a special topic of human interest and Wilson was no exception. Sadly, he crashed out in the Men's Giant Slalom but his winter sports prowess didn't go unnoticed. 9 Jul 2018 Read more

Cheap and visa-free travel for South AfricansAs thrilling as travelling may be, it can often come with plenty of obstacles and red tape for tourists in possession of a South African passport. 5 Jun 2018 Read more

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