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Viral email helps Charlotte Rhys net a 44.34% open rate and 17.10% responseDigital Fire continues to provide incredible results for brands through its email marketing campaigns. Charlotte Rhys is no exception, achieving an incredible 44.34% open rate. This is how. 12 Feb 2016 Read more >>

Digital Fire delivers a 47% response rate for SpreeDigital Fire, the email marketing and digital media specialist based in Cape Town, has created and delivered a highly successful promo email marketing campaign for Spree, the e-commerce shopping site currently taking South Africa by storm. 2 Jun 2014 Read more >>

The importance of strategic marketing plansNo matter what size a business is, it is important to implement some marketing activities in order to make people aware of your organisation. You cannot simply do nothing and expect to be inundated with customers. Similarly, you cannot engage in a very brief and simple campaign and expect to generate a loyal customer base that way. 3 Feb 2014 Read more >>

Engaging with customers on social mediaSocial media has become a game changer in the way companies interact with and respond to their customers. One of the biggest changes is that Consumer 2.0 now drives the conversation on social media. Successful companies are those who embrace that change and use it to drive conversations with current and potential customers. 28 Oct 2013 Read more >>

Google sneaks email advertisements into your inbox?Earlier in May, Google revealed a new inbox interface for Gmail, separating the experience into tabs like: Primary, Social, Promotions, and Updates. In a few weeks, people will be getting the redesign, which is still rolling out. If you use Gmail, and you don't already have it, you will soon. If you're not a fan of the tabbed format, you can make some adjustments in the settings and get a similar experience to the old version. 17 Sep 2013 Read more >>

What's the life expectancy of your email customer list?With the technology available to email marketers today, it's no longer acceptable - if it ever was - to send emails which are not personalised, to an entire database. 22 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Digital vs print: A controversial topic?The publishing industry is becoming concerned with low circulation figures and an increased preference for browsing books and magazines online. It's somewhat of a sore topic but one that has to be faced, at some point or another. 2 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Data is growing, are you?Every day, around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created, with 90% of its total being generated over the past two years. Information and figures come from everywhere on the web, from social media and online video to customer transactions and mobile GPS signals. This massive stream of information is known as 'big data'. 11 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Email marketing continues to drive the best ROI in 2013According to the UK's DMA Email Marketing Council's 2013 Report, leading marketers are optimistic about email marketing budgets, with more than half saying that they were "confident that expenditure on email marketing will increase this year". 11 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Luxury branding for high LSM in South AfricaAccording to the 2012 Luxury Brand Study conducted by Martini Media, more than three-quarters of luxury brands were predicted to increase their spend for online marketing. The study was based on 400 marketers - among them, 73% luxury brands, 68% VP level and above and 58% media planners and buyers. 29 Jan 2013 Read more >>

Five ways to ignite your social media presence in 2013Businesses are, once again, in the proverbial 'review period', where social media campaigns are waded through and analysed in order to quantify the efforts of the past 12 months. In 2012, a substantial amount of brands started incorporating social media into their marketing strategies, as they realised the importance of constantly engaging with the potential consumer. The problem is that the majority of brands are focusing on advertising rather than providing the customers with what they require. 14 Jan 2013 Read more >>

How high-end liquor brands can leverage the power of digitalHigh-end liquor brands enjoy a very particular following based on the wonderful mixing of the brand's actual product and the lovingly crafted image associated with the brand. High-end liquor such as whiskeys, cognac and premium brandy are associated with images of wealth and sophistication, but are often enjoyed by a wide array of people from all walks of life. By tapping into digital marketing these brands can expect to further cement and grow brand awareness while boosting sales considerably. 10 Dec 2012 Read more >>

How high LSM groups are using Facebook and what this means for your brandSince the inception and subsequent explosion of the social media phenomenon, there has been a quiet assumption that as a mass communication platform - social networks such as Facebook were not popular among the high income earners and wealthy classes. This belief however has always been unfounded for the most part and now that the social media playground is filling up and becoming much more varied, it was time to examine this fact and determined its validity. Unsurprisingly to the digital generation: the results confirmed that not only are the super wealthy using Facebook, but they are using it in different ways and for interesting reasons. 3 Dec 2012 Read more >>

Leisure Books taps in to the power of email marketingLeisure Books, South Africa's largest and most well-known book club, has recently launched a wonderfully successful email marketing campaign that has seen their member numbers as well as their sales grow significantly. With the help of email marketing specialist, Digital Fire, they were able to directly connect to a new, larger audience that will now share their love of literature as part of the Leisure Books community. 26 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Utilising social media in your beauty brand's marketing strategySocial media is by now considered to be an integral aspect of any brand's online marketing mix, and while social media can be used to boost any brand's profile there are certain brands that excel at the social networking game. Beauty and skincare are feminine pursuits that hold connotations of luxury and regeneration, which is part of the reason why these brands do particularly well on the social web. Here are a few key elements that beauty brands are implementing as part of their social media strategy and how these things impact on the brand's social presence. 14 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Digital Fire creates amazing social growth for Darling CellarsCape Town based digital media specialist, Digital Fire has taken a winery in Darling to new social heights. Darling Cellars approached Digital Fire in February, striking up a brand/ agency relationship that would lead to a staggering 4900% growth of their Facebook following. Being new to the social sphere, the brand needed to grow their social media following in order to grow a community of Darling Cellars ambassadors and loyal fans. Deciding to focus the campaign efforts on Facebook, Digital Fire set off to create engagement and social media buzz around the Darling Cellars Facebook Page, eventually attracting thousands of fans in the space of a few months. 7 Nov 2012 Read more >>

Targeting the youth with your digital marketing campaignBrands who wish to target youth need to launch campaigns that are fun, modern and dynamic. Digital marketing provides brands with the ideal mediums through which to connect with today's youth by targeting them in the space they spend the absolute majority of their time - immersed in online or mobile activities. By implementing a holistic strategy that encompasses all aspects of the digital world, your brand will be able to engage the young target market by speaking their language. 19 Oct 2012 Read more >>

Targeted email lists: Identifying and reaching your target audienceEmail marketing is the best and most effective medium available to brands that need to market to a targeted audience. Unlike other digital mediums such as display or social media marketing that is seen by a wide variety of often random people, email marketing is sent with a specific target market in mind. By making use of a profiled and managed consumer email database businesses are able to create tailored campaigns that are then sent to a specific group of people bound by either common interests or demographics. 16 Oct 2012 Read more >>

Some SEO tips for Google Image SearchImages are often overlooked as an asset when it comes to optimising for organic search results. By actively managing the SEO (search engine optimisation) of all images on your brands website and blog, you can expect images to generate traffic through image as well as universal search. 8 Oct 2012 Read more >>

Email database marketing: Why we rent rather than sellAny email marketer knows that a considerable portion of the success of any email marketing campaign depends on the quality of the email database. For this reason, clean, well-managed email databases are now in high demand, with businesses both big and small looking to gain access to one. Many businesses seek an already compiled email database - either to kick start their new business or to grow their own database. This often leads businesses to consider the option of either buying or renting an email database, however the former is almost never a good idea. 18 Sep 2012 Read more >>

Top five current digital marketing trendsThe field of digital marketing is one which is in constant flux. As technology and social trends evolve, brands too must alter their strategies in order to adapt to digital environments and platforms. Although marketers will never be able to predict the future, it is vital to keep abreast of trends in order to maintain the connection with their ever-changing trend-savvy consumers. 11 Sep 2012 Read more >>

Digital marketing: Why email marketing beats display, SEO and social media in terms of ROIThe digital age has seen the rise of various platforms that have taken traditional marketing to the world of online. In the last few years search engine optimization (SEO), display advertising, and social media have become important ingredients in most brand's digital marketing mix - but despite the growth in these marketing mediums, email marketing is still the most effective. Display, SEO and social media simply cannot compete with email when it comes to return on investment which is why marketers should ensure that email remains the core of their marketing spend. 4 Sep 2012 Read more >>

Some tips to make your branded content workContent is the engine that keeps your brand's blog, website and social media account going. If your brand is considering taking on brand publishing - i.e. creating original content that is centred around and for your brand. Publishing branded content is not always easy, and many brands end up getting it wrong, however taking some of these tips into account could help you make success of such an undertaking. 27 Aug 2012 Read more >>

Mobile leading the email revolutionDespite fears of email's prominence waning due to the meteoric rise of social media and smart phones, the opposite is happening. The latest studies suggest that people are now using their smart phones to consume media, browse the web and read email more than they are actually using it to talk. So in what way is email being influenced by the growing popularity of smart phones and mobile connectivity? 20 Aug 2012 Read more >>

Losing subscribers? How to make them stick aroundWhen your database is losing subscribers, it means that your growth rate slows and your brand could be losing valuable potential business. In order to keep the number of people unsubscribing from your list fewer than the number of subscribers gained, it is important to see how you can improve your subscribers' experience with your email marketing campaigns. Here are a few ideas on how to make sure you retain your subscribers. 7 Aug 2012 Read more >>

The impact and importance of social sharing in SEOThe past two years have seen some major changes in the world of search and search engine optimisation. 2011 saw search giant Google usher in a host of new features and products that made one thing clear - the future of search was social. After launching its own social network Google +, it became apparent that Google was favouring social links and other social signals into their now personalised search plus your world results pages. Results that stemmed from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter also now seem to rank more prominently than they did in the past - forcing SEOs to reconsider the importance and the value of social links in search today. 31 Jul 2012 Read more >>

Five tips for writing effective subject linesWhen it comes to email marketing subject lines are one of the biggest deciding factors. A well-written subject line can entice readers to not only open your emails, but to engage with your brand. They are on the frontlines of the inbox war, so to speak - which conversely means that bad subject lines can even have disastrous consequences. In this article we'll be sharing some tips on what's new in the world of email marketing subject lines while discussing how your brand can make these new trends work for you in order to get better rates and ultimately increase sales. 25 Jul 2012 Read more >>

Email vs. mobile marketing: Finding the right medium for your brand's messageAs any good marketing strategist will tell you, when it comes to planning and executing a digital campaign - a holistic approach is one of the best ways to go about making sure your brand gets optimal exposure. This means employing all the digital channels that suit your company in a way that allows them to work together. 10 Jul 2012 Read more >>

Why your brand should not underestimate an email newsletterEmail marketing has come a long way. From basic mailers to interactive, visually stunning emails with full social media integration - email has always kept itself ahead of the curve. Yet, despite the ingenuity and originality of the newer styles of email marketing campaigns, it is sometimes good to be reminded of the value of an old trusted favourite -the email newsletter. It is unfortunate that the old newsletter has fallen somewhat out of favour with many brands and companies, however this should not be the reason to let go of the format just yet. 4 Jul 2012 Read more >>

Measuring social media ROIDetermining the value of social media has long posed a challenge for marketers. It's not always easy to determine which social channels actually drive value for your business, which strategies are most effective and which amount of followers or fans actually amounts to conversions. Measuring social media ROI is never going to be an exact science but marketers are beginning to understand the multitude of ways that social currency can influence the success of your business. As of yet, there is no one-stop tool to effectively measure and calculate social media ROI but as understanding of the subject grows many companies are starting to develop new ways of thinking about social media and are building tools that can give marketers a much more expansive insight into their social media efforts. 26 Jun 2012 Read more >>

Database marketing for the automotive industryWhen it comes to digital marketing, database and email marketing still reigns supreme in terms of return on investment. Companies and brands that are able to utilise this formidable marketing force are able to connect to more potential and existing customers on a highly personal level - a strategy which delivers impressive results that speak for themselves. 19 Jun 2012 Read more >>

Digital Fire generates a 78% open rate for Zando and 10 000 new sign-ups in 24 hoursDigital Fire, the email marketing and digital media specialist based in Cape Town, has delivered a superb national email marketing campaign for Zando, the ecommerce shopping site rolling out across Africa. 11 Jun 2012 Read more >>

Digital Fire moves into AfricaToday's volatile economy is compelling investors to increasingly focus on emerging markets - countries that are currently experiencing rapid growth and industrialisation. And as the world becomes more connected via the various forms of digital culture, emerging markets are truly starting to come into their own. Internet penetration is spreading at an extraordinary rate within these territories, which in turn is facilitating the development digital marketing. 28 May 2012 Read more >>

Email marketing: Avoiding assumption and gaining permissionEmail marketing is one of the most effective marketing mediums of the digital age. There are numerous reasons for this such as its cost-effectiveness, measurability and its high response rates. But, email marketing only works when it is implemented in the correct way and if the processes involved in launching a campaign is carefully managed. Conversely, when marketers disregard the rules of email marketing and by extension the laws recently set out by regulations such as the Consumer Protection Act, campaigns will not be as effective and customers are inconvenienced. 4 May 2012 Read more >>

Google's new algorithm change: Is this the end for SEO?In recent months Google slowly began to implement changes to their rules and algorithms in order to make their search results cleaner, more informative and more relevant. In March the search giant announced that the forthcoming changes to their algorithms would penalise sites that are "overly optimised". 25 Apr 2012 Read more >>

Social media marketing in AfricaAfrica and specifically sub-Saharan Africa is currently experiencing massive internet expansion with an internet growth rate of 2 500% recorded between 2000 and 2011. This immense increase in internet usage is mostly due to the growing numbers of mobile and smart phone users who are introduced to the web via their cell phones and because of this burst of connectivity more and more Africans enter the world of online, more join social networks and use them to connect to the world and people around them. 18 Apr 2012 Read more >>

A closer look at email open ratesIn the early days of email marketing open rates along with and deliverability rates were the only ways to determine campaign performance. Luckily, there are now a number of tools to better analyse success rates, but does that mean that email open rates should be disregarded? 11 Apr 2012 Read more >>

We're all human: social media and your brandSocial media has irrevocably changed the way brands interact with consumers online. The open, egalitarian nature of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter has given customers a voice and has made companies more accessible than ever. As always, businesses must adapt in order to survive and in the social media age this means altering the way your brand presents itself online - this means humanising your brand and its image in order to successfully manage social media. 5 Apr 2012 Read more >>

The rise and rise of video marketingIn the past few years, video marketing has taken off as one of the most successful proponents of digital marketing. The innately social and viral nature of these campaigns work in conjunction with the growing trend of social media and therefore have the potential to reach millions of users and viewers around the world. Online platforms such as YouTube have made short videos not only readily accessible, but an integral part of our daily online digest. 30 Mar 2012 Read more >>

Facebook's new advertising possibilities: what your brand can expectFacebook has recently announced new additions to their advertising offering for businesses. Soon the hundreds of millions of users who use the social network will be seeing ads in new places on their pages and timelines. The new suite of advertising products aims to offer businesses more visibility and aims to take advantage of their burgeoning mobile user base. 29 Mar 2012 Read more >>

Blog all about it: What a blog can do for your businessBlogging might not be the newest, hippest way to connect to your target market, but it's still regarded as one of the best ways to boost your brand's presence online. By having a blog your company will be able to keep customers up to date on new developments, share your wisdom and provide a space where you can express your company's ethos in a way that is more fleshed-out than micro-blogging via social media. A blog can be an indispensible marketing tool and in this article we'll take a look at the reasons why. 13 Mar 2012 Read more >>

Use content to guide your customers through the buying cycleIn order to leverage the power of great content it is essential that brands understand how content is used to guide customers through what is called 'the buying cycle'. This cycle can also be read as a funnel of sorts - one where potential clients enter and then later emerge as customers. The important thing to remember is that it's a process - and any content generated by your brand should be structured in a way that complements and facilitates it. When customers are met with content that seems relevant to where they find themselves in the buying phase they are likely to be more engaged - which in turn encourages them to take the next step towards making a purchase. 8 Mar 2012 Read more >>

Presidents, prime ministers and mayors: How email marketing is shaping the new political campaignBarack Obama's US presidential victory in 2008 was significant for many reasons. It came during a time when the world was at a crossroads, both economically and technologically speaking. The sudden recession that hit the US and the rest of the world that year was accompanied by an explosion in the digital sector. The world was increasingly moving into the online sphere - social networking sites such a s Facebook and Myspace experienced astounding exponential growth and as smart phones and PC's became ever more common - email cemented its place as the primary means of digital communication. 28 Feb 2012 Read more >>

How Social Media can boost your SEOA favourable search engine ranking is one of the best ways to make sure that your business is visible and accessible online. As a result, SEO or search engine optimisation has become a powerful toolin ensuring that your company's website achieves that auspicious ranking. 21 Feb 2012 Read more >>

Using Twitter for businessSince launching in 2006, Twitter has established itself as a global, varied and immense online community of which businesses make up a considerable part. Making your business visible, likable and accessible on Twitter is not only a good way to stimulate brand awareness, but also an invaluable way to really connect with the people engaging with your brand. 14 Feb 2012 Read more >>

Digital Fire Introduces a brand new offering - video marketing!Digital Fire is very excited to be bringing a brand new offering to our clients. We recently decided to venture into video marketing and, after a successful pilot project, we feel we can now show clients what they can do with video marketing and their brands. 23 Jan 2012 Read more >>

What's new for business and social media in 2012?2011 was a substantially important year in the evolution of social media. What started out as a simple way to socialise online has manifested itself in whole new way to communicate on all levels, especially in that of advertising and marketing? Here is what Digital Fire sees for the future of social media and what to pay attention to when upgrading your social media marketing strategy. 16 Jan 2012 Read more >>

Social media and the future of journalismThe world of journalism has changed dramatically since social media became a daily way of communication in commerce and social alike. It overlapped and encompassed traditional media for a number of progressive and developmental reasons. This can mainly be attributed to: 19 Dec 2011 Read more >>

Getting attention from the online audience and keeping itCreating creditable content to promote your brand also means that you have to become attractive to two things: search engines and humans. 13 Dec 2011 Read more >>

South African Blog Awards 2011 and businessWe're gearing up towards the SA Blog Awards 2011 which will be held on 10 December 2011 at Crystal Towers Hotel. The categories go as follows: 7 Dec 2011 Read more >>

Email marketing for the festive season: one of the most lucrative times of year for your business!During the holiday season, those of you who use digital marketing can really get the most out of your campaigns if you gear up ahead of time and remember these following important points: 29 Nov 2011 Read more >>

The Digital DivideWhat was once the tool of the elite is now the democratic medium to live and market by. You can bet on it.  17 Nov 2011 Read more >>

Social commerce and social media just got more complicated: stay ahead to keep aheadOh dear. For those brands who thought they had social media and social commerce down pat may have to review their social skills come the end of the year. Having a virtual avatar to represent your brand and enable your clients to engage with you on a commerce as well as relations level of interaction is now standard procedure for business today. It is understood that online engagement though digital marketing and social media is how brands are now communicating with their clients. However, it has been proven, thanks to a research survey conducted on Klout and Twitter, that those who are especially influential online receive a higher advantage over and above their competitors, thus increasing their reach to bonus levels. 16 Nov 2011 Read more >>

Fcommerce: Facebook commerce takes over at Oscar De La RentaFacebook has gone to the next level in the world of commerce and marketing this week after luxury brand, Oscar De La Renta became the first high end brand to launch a Facebook commerce initiative exclusively on the social network. 8 Nov 2011 Read more >>

LuxuryLab study reveal importance of digital competence for brandsDigital marketing is here to stay and if you want your brand to stay too, you had better take this evolution seriously. Major luxury brands in the fashion world have shown their trade mark streak for innovation and trends by taking digital marketing into account whole heartedly and the results couldn't be better. In fact, the darlings of digital like Louis Vuitton and Burberry are doing better than ever, whilst those who haven't gotten on board for this are trailing behind. We all know that as a brand, you want to be seen in all the right spots and by all the right people. The reality is that the place to be now is online and according to fashion, it's the hottest ticket in town. 7 Nov 2011 Read more >>

The top of strategic technology to keep in mind for your businessWith the new year coming up fast and as we all draw a thankful breath that there is some form of holiday in sight, you would do well as a brand to keep an eye on what's going to be big in digital strategy next year to keep ahead of the game. 28 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Email marketing for your brand: ditch the banners and buttonsWhen it comes to online marketing, you have options and these should be weighed up in terms of what works for your unique brand. This is because any return on investment should be considered initially before undergoing a digital campaign. Looking at the statistics and returns that are received from the various forms of marketing are essential to your business's benefit; otherwise these efforts and investments will prove simply futile. 27 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Blogging for a brand - why these two go hand in hand for successWhat is deemed to be the biggest fashion revolution in a hundred years according to Blogger's Wardrobe is also going to revolutionise journalism and brand marketing alike. 20 Oct 2011 Read more >>

The power of social media and how the democratic voice of opinion can aid your businessSocial media users turn 'Bryce Lawrence' into a trend and a dirty term by petitioning against his refereeing in the Rugby World Cup 2011, Australia versus South Africa. 19 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Exchanging the glossies for the glitter of social media in the magazine worldThe wonderfully glamorous world of magazine media has had to make a lot of effort to protect their livelihood as a brand and a revenue generating industry since the advent of social media. Facebook especially has been responsible for the change in communications and sharing of ideas, which essentially are the fundamentals the magazine industry works on. 13 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Sticky Fingers: What you want on your consumer's keyboardAs a brand you now have found yourself pulling in a virtual tug of war online for the consumer's attention. The wonderful thing about the digital development of internet sharing through social networks and email marketing means you know where your potential client is most of the time. 12 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Tablet buying this holiday seasonThis Christmas more and more consumers will be doing their shopping via tablet. 5 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Relationship Marketing: The way to go in digital marketingMaintaining the relationships you have begun with your clients is just as important as getting new clients on board for your service or product. In the world of digital marketing, a brand has to operate on an entire new value system in order to attract and keep the interest of potential clients. This in a term is called 'Relationship Marketing'. 30 Sep 2011 Read more >>

Email marketing for the car industryHow employing an email marketing strategy for a car brand can increase revenue and relationships with your client. 27 Sep 2011 Read more >>

The power of opt-in and profiled dataThe values of renting opt-in and profiled email data and what it can do for your brand. 21 Sep 2011 Read more >>

The benefits of CPA Marketing and how the Consumer Protection Act has improved the quality of marketing and your brand's communications. 20 Sep 2011 Read more >>

Facebook stays on top and how you can follow suitAs the business calendar takes a step back and looks at its IPO for the first half of the year, so do all of us start looking at where we and those we are associated with, are all going to be by 2012. 14 Sep 2011 Read more >>

Outsourcing digital production for marketers and brand agenciesOutsourcing from the UK to South Africa proves reliable, cost-effective and quality assured. 13 Sep 2011 Read more >>

Social media and quality content command more attention than everIf you think about the social media networks that you use, brands that you choose to interact with and the articles you pick out to read, it kind of recalls the nostalgia of a magazine experience. Remember when your subscription used to arrive, sealed and exciting, a new addition of your favourite regular read that you couldn't wait to enjoy. 7 Sep 2011 Read more >>

Email marketing: taking direct marketing and making it 2012 relevantIt's true that the face of marketing has changed forever since the digital expansion of the internet remodelled brand/consumer relationships in the last few years. No longer is it a case of the brand in question 'shouting' out its marketing technique at the general audience. Now marketing is a very segmented and specialised field with many different and necessary sub-divisions within it that apply to the various areas. However, there are traditional traits to direct marketing that should not be ignored and simply rejuvenated and applied for affectability by injecting relevancy into your marketing strategy. 6 Sep 2011 Read more >>

MySpace is bought, Justin Timberlake takes the reins and the technology puts the soul back into the music industry. 1 Sep 2011 Read more >>

Social media as an evolutionary pallet for artistic expression. 30 Aug 2011 Read more >>

Quality, custom made, value rich. This could be you email marketing campaign. 25 Aug 2011 Read more >>

Today social media is a tool of extreme consequence and exceptional opportunity for everyone across the globe. 24 Aug 2011 Read more >>

In the Age Of Information or rather, Interaction, with digital media leaping across time and space at an uncanny speed, older technology has to pull itself along into the future. Film and production companies as well as cinemas have had to come up with some innovative advertising and marketing campaigns in order to fill seats and buy tickets. 15 Aug 2011 Read more >>

Using the currency of social media to draw an audience while email marketing keeps them satisfied. 11 Aug 2011 Read more >>

The egg of innovation that is social media is cracking open. Birthed from it is the Fountain of Youth. A digitally charged elixir that promises a way to live forever. Immortality is usually associated with vampires, gods and fairies. However, the implementation of social media into the human race has opened a door that gives the user the power to become super human and to never die. Sound far-fetched? Well look at this list below and ask yourself if any of these super traits are not embalmed in your established web of social media? 3 Aug 2011 Read more >>

Human interaction loses out to Facebook everyday. 2 Aug 2011 Read more >>

A small start-up business looking to build brand awareness and develop relationships with potential clients is the perfect candidate for email marketing. A smaller business looking for the most effective, value-for-money and strategic marketing model will find this system to be highly suited to your needs. 29 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Google, gadgets, exclusive, reclusive and addiction. 28 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Further in the discussion on human and brand nature in terms of social media - how to use social networks in a safe and healthy way as a beneficial tool and not a vice. (Click here for 'Identity crisis in you and your brand: Social Media: Part 1'. 20 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Are we losing who we are to social media? In this article I will be speaking about human and brand nature in terms of social media. How to use social networks in a safe and healthy way as a beneficial tool and not a vice. 19 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Radio has fallen by the wayside as a powerful marketing tool since digital technology revolutionised the way people interact with the once masterful medium of music and talk shows. Having lost a large percentage of their following to iPods and online streaming, radio stations who want to revolutionise their place in the media are extending their efforts to social networks. This development seems to spin both ways as bloggers embrace radio to add a terrestrial dimension to their posts and to further engage on a personal level with their listeners and readers. A great example of one such collaboration is the sale earlier this year of to Clear Channel Radio, a radio giant who will now be using the cloud-based music business as a development of their digital strategy. 12 Jul 2011 Read more >>

As a brand that aims for longevity and to keep acquiring clientele through change, it is important that you keep reevaluating the segmentation of your target market within your business to business strategy. 11 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Phew - end of the Digital Fire financial year on the 28th of February, the head hit the pillow with a resounding thump that night. If I don't see another spread sheet for a few weeks, that's okay by me. 10 Mar 2011 Read more >>

While opt-in e-mail marketing campaigns have proven their effectiveness time and time again, companies are now realising that in order to maximise online exposure, drive sales and maintain or enhance customer service, it's beneficial - if not vital - to combine e-mail communications with social media marketing. With this in mind, it's no surprise that Robertson Winery sought the expertise of Digital Fire - a Cape Town based e-mail marketing specialist and division of London's Spencer Boyd New Media Group. 27 Oct 2010 Read more >>

Digital Fire wins new client Warner Brothers with Invictus e-mail marketing campaignDigital Fire added an exciting new name to its rapidly growing client list - the Los Angeles-based Warner Bros which utilised their services for the Matt Damon/Morgan Freeman epic, Invictus, directed by Clint Eastwood. 3 Mar 2010 Read more >>

Ad waffle. Smoke and mirrors. Over-promise and under-delivery. Lack of market knowledge and dare I say it laziness. I see quite a bit of it in the South African advertising and marketing place. Don't be offended if you work in the industry, I also see some quality people, great ideas and forward-thinking concepts, but in my opinion I think it's fair to say that the recession is a good thing for marketing and advertising in this country. 11 Sep 2009 Read more >>

Opt-in (or permission-based) email marketing is earning its stripes time and time again as companies achieve outstanding response rates. 4 Nov 2008 Read more >>

‘Opt-in' (or permission-based) email marketing is now the fastest growing area of online advertising in the UK and Europe due to its success rate and ROI. 7 Oct 2008 Read more >>

Digital Fire Target E Mail delivers a 33% response rate for SA clients targeting high LSM!Digital Fire, the Cape Town based digital marketing agency and division of Spencer Boyd Associates International Media Consultancy, has launched its “Target E mail” system with excellent effect in South Africa generating record response rate for its clients. 30 Nov 2007 Read more >>

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