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When working from home is not all it's cut out to beAround the world, there are fewer woman entrepreneurs than males. Why do you think that is? Well, for many reasons really: motherhood, social expectations, religious customs, lack of opportunity, fear of failure and funding, to mention but a few. 16 Aug 2018 Read more

The end of the traditional 9-5? New study finds 70% of us skip the office to work elsewhere
IWG reveals the results of largest ever poll on flexible working attitudes - surveying over
18,000 professionals from a range of different industries across 96 countries
 1 Jun 2018 Read more

In the right environment, everyone is creativeScroll back if you can, to the office of the 1970s - 'working 9 to 5' was the norm and employee happiness had little or no bearing in a largely autonomous corporate environment. Today we know that the employee experience businesses create, could decide whether they keep or lose talent and profits. 29 May 2018 Read more

IWG secures over 50m sq ft of office space as the 'workspace revolution' begins
  • Significant growth sees operator of leading workspace providers reach global milestone
  • IWG believes growth reflects a tipping point in global attitudes to workspace
 10 Apr 2018 Read more

Consumer behaviour is shifting - Shouldn't your brand be too?The 9th Packaging Conference on consumer insights and packaging trends, hosted by Stratcom Branding, is coming to Johannesburg on 2 March 2018. 27 Feb 2018 Read more

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