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Born from the need for specialised and complex travel requirements and passion (borderline fanaticism) for the sports and entertainment industries, we built a team of travel experts to deliver the amazing travel experiences for our niche clients.
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Behind the scenes: Getting film equipment from A to BIf you thought the job of moving people around the world was hard work, wait until you need to get film equipment from A to B. 3 Nov 2017 Read more

Done and dusted: Strange and quirky travel requestsThe high-profile world of entertainment often goes hand-in-hand with the many quirks of celebrities. 12 Oct 2017 Read more

Bringing the news to our screens and airwaves can be a dangerous pursuit and the brave souls who risk their lives to bring back stories from war zones, violent protests and areas too dangerous for many of us to tread, often do so with higher purpose. For them, it's not just a job. They run towards the places that others are desperate to escape, so travel risk management is not something that's given much attention. 1 Sep 2017 Read more

Everyone loves the proverbial crystal ball. The many predictions that attempt to forecast the future of one of the most dynamic and creative industries on the planet. Advertising. 6 Aug 2017 Read more

It's hard to ignore those attractive rates jumping out of last-minute booking websites. Tempted? Of course you are. But before you book, take a look at how what your Travel Manager can do for you, no matter where you are in the world. 6 Jul 2017 Read more

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