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United Stations' Li Ndube, has a 'bag of tricks' for radio advertisers

"The sales 'honeymoon phase' with the burgeoning black middle class is over. Advertisers now have to deal with unprecedented consumer behaviours due to increased access to the internet and its overwhelming pool of options. This is fundamentally where the big chasm between advertisers and consumers exist. This is also where, we as United Stations see ourselves closing the gap in the market..."
Lindile ‘Li’ Ndube, Gagasi FM Brand Manager
Lindile ‘Li’ Ndube, Gagasi FM Brand Manager
This is the refreshingly sober view of newly appointed Gagasi FM Brand Manager at United Stations, Lindile 'Li' Ndube. Here, he gives a no-holds-barred view of what it'll take for radio advertisers to stay on top...

Ndube is no stranger to the media, marketing and advertising space, having recently worked as Creative Media Executive at Primedia Unlimited, prior to being scouted by United Stations.

United Stations MD Rivak Bunce says, "Li's well-rounded experience, as well as his firm grasp of SA's fast evolving media landscape puts him head and shoulders above. We are excited by his fresh energy and unique insight to strategic planning, especially for the benefit of our clients."

Sleeves firmly rolled up, Ndube shares his most pressing objectives as part of the role: "One of my key responsibilities especially where the KZN millennial market is concerned, is to assist all our clients and prospects to invest wisely. This is why we are so excited about our upcoming roadshow, intended to showcase the untapped potential of our audience. The millennials are the 'market of the future' and presently spend R111-billion annually - a figure expected to increase year-on-year."

From a resources point of view, Ndube adds that as the biggest commercial station in KZN, and the second biggest regional radio station in South Africa, Gagasi FM is well equipped to meet current market challenges which include declining adspend, an underperforming economy, competing disruptive technologies and evolving consumer behaviours.

"Combine this with the station's influential show presenters, who engage 1.8-million millenial listeners and you get a real sense of Gagasi FM's power to generate tangible impact for advertisers."

Commenting on the most exciting opportunities that marketers and agencies need to consider when advertising on radio, Ndube says, "It is every brand's desire to engage in meaningful dialogues with its consumers. Radio does this rather effectively and at no cost to the listener. I'm, therefore, very excited about a consumer trend we're observing where 40% millennials want to participate in the co-creation of products and brands.

"This trend cements our platform's approach to content marketing, whether it's through sponsored features or interactive activations, participants are always part of the brand story. Perhaps this is the wisdom that comes with radio being the original electronic social media platform."

Ndube himself is a millennial. This, coupled with his 'get-things-done' resolve, makes the man definitely one to watch!

2 Jul 2015 07:28