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We conduct very large sample, bi-annual secondary data surveys to enable the production of highly detailed and extremely cost-effective customer segment profilers.
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Promise not to forget that customers are human tooDo you believe that it is possible to predict the future behaviours of your customers based solely on detailed knowledge of their previous transactional behaviours with one single organisation - namely your own? Apparently, an increasingly number of organisations think it is. 21 Feb 2019 Read more

Brand parity? There is more to this than meets the eyeHow frustrating is it that your tiresome annual Brand Health Tracker (BHT) stubbornly shows that no matter how hard you try, brand status quo prevails? 6 Feb 2019 Read more

How well do you know the consumers who use your brand?Before you can begin formulating brand strategy, you have to ask the question, "Who uses the brand?" In fact, this is not a single question, but many questions. Is it men, women, or both? Are they younger or older, richer or poorer? What media (traditional and digital) do they consume? What other brands do they use? Where do they shop? How do they feel about themselves? What are their interests and pleasures? The list goes on because the better you understand them, the better your chances of being able to satisfy their needs. 23 Jan 2019 Read more

2019 decisions based on 2015 knowledge are bound to be bad decisionsThe 2015 world was pre-Trump, pre-immigration crisis, pre-Brexit and most South Africans were still largely ignorant of the colossal damage to the SA economy and its reputation, being carried out by a corrupt government. 17 Jan 2019 Read more

Knowing lots about Prince Harry is not the same thing as knowing Prince HarryIs big data analytics about to put market researchers out of business? Can computers really be relied on to make good decisions about customer needs? Is human faith in AI symptomatic of intellectual laziness? 6 Nov 2018 Read more

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