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The Digital School of Marketing (DSM) offers a unique, user-friendly online learning platform where you can achieve an accredited digital marketing education.
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How much is social media earning you?Many business owners are quite sceptical of spending money on social media because they can't see tangible return on investment that this brings, in other words money in their bank accounts. So how can you properly measure and quantify the returns you receive from your efforts on social media? 25 Apr 2019 Read more

How online reputation management can increase customer retentionWhen someone wants to research a company, their first port of call will be to do a Google search on them. You - as a business owner - want to make sure that what they find is positive. Managing your online reputation will not only help you acquire new customers but will also help you keep your existing ones. 3 Apr 2019 Read more

What are the key social engagement metrics your company should focus on in 2019Social media is based on a conversation. It works because people join in discussions - about other people and brands - that they are interested in. They want to learn more regarding what is being talked about as the conversation appeals to an emotion in them. 4 Mar 2019 Read more

How to maximise your spend on Google AdsGoogle Ads can be a great way to get your business noticed and attract potential customers to your website. It is, however, very easy to waste money on Google Ad campaigns. This is because the platform is extremely technical and is not easy for a newbie, who has no skills or experience in running such drives, to figure out. This is why you need to follow a step-by-step approach. 29 Jan 2019 Read more

Digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 20192018 was characterised by an explosion of technology in the digital marketing industry. This new tech now needs to be used in such a way to add value to your company's digital marketing strategy. In this article, we explore how we think this may take place. 8 Jan 2019 Read more

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